Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Yardstick Holder

My husband came to me a couple weeks ago, asking if I could make another yardstick holder for him.  His grandmother had made the previous holder and over time, in the shed, it had rotted.
Grandma's holder was made of burlap, so I decided I would try to replicate it as close as possible.
I purchased 1/2 yard of burlap...which was more than enough.

I opened the fabric up, so I had the full length to work with, measured 7" and pulled the thread.  I then had a nice cutting line to follow.

I folded the 7" strip in half, pinned, and placed a 1/2" seam all the way around the piece, leaving one of the short sides open.
(See Grandma's holder)

I put the yardstick in the tube (which was 2½ inches from seam to seam) and placed safety pin to mark the top of the stick.

Next I needed to duplicate the top.
Grandma used a piece of wool and fabric to fortify the top.

Here's how I approached it.  I took a 4" piece of wool (I had some leftover scraps from a quilt Grandma had made us!) and fabric...

I folded them in half along the diagonal, and stitched all the way around, just to hold it together, making it easier to work with...

I cut the top off of the burlap to match the height of the triangle and cut the folded side of the strip open, just to the safety pin...

 ...inserted the triangle in the opening, pinned....

...and stitched all the way around.
As you can see, Grandma did a lot of back stitching for reinforcement.  I figured she was a wise women and I would follow suite.

Before I trimmed away the excess, I placed an extra large eyelet at the top.  It was the only "upgrade" I gave Grandma's design.

Now it was only a matter of trimming away all the excess, evening all the edges to measure 1/2 inch, and fraying.

Now all that's left is cutting a slit where the yardstick can slide in. Be careful to only cut the top layer!!!  Burlap is tricky.

The only trouble I had along the way was a hole I found near the top, which I just stitched over in several different directions to shore it up.  You can see a little of that in the above photo, in that rectangular box of stitching. It actually made a neat kind of star pattern!

And so there you  have it...hope it made sense.  It's not fancy, just very utilitarian, if not rustic.  I'm sure if you wanted to get "fancy" you could do any number of things with this.  I'm just giving you the basics.

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