Sunday, April 20, 2014

Primitive Peacock Sampler, Finish & Review

In keeping the spirit of a needlework diary, I'm going to try and make this (and hopefully future posts) short and sweet.  Details and a couple thoughts.

I finished The City Stitcher's, "Primitive Peacock Sampler"  last night.
 It took only three weeks.  I was anticipating a longer stitching time as it was filled with Algerian Eye stitches...
Here is a good tutorial. 

...but they went incredibly fast.  I really enjoyed the stitch and will now look for ways to work it into patterns whenever I think I can!  Once you get a rhythm going, they are practically mindless.

Also included in the design were Satin Stitches which, having been established in past posts on Riverspitter, are not my friends.  So I opted to just fill the Satin Stitch area in with plain cross stitches in DMC 783... just for contrast.

My kit for this project was very simple, practically empty really...

Cost & Info
Pattern:  $3.00
Fabric:  28 ct. Country French Latte linen, $7.63
Size:  13.5 x 19"
Floss:  in stash, approx. $2.50
I used a #26 needle

I'd give this pattern a 4 out of 5 stars for fun, ease and color.  Overall....recommended!

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