Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mercury Glass & Crepe Paper Flowers

This is a combination of two projects I found online.  
Wonderful for Halloween.
Phase one is from:
It was here I learned how to "make" faux mercury glass.  It's a great little tutorial I'll be using again in the future! 

Phase two is from:
Here you'll find instructions on how to make crepe paper flowers.  

Here's the project in a nutshell:
Krylon Looking Glass spray paint:  $8.99
Clear Candy Dish (4" inside diameter) found at Goodwill:  $1.99
Green Floral Foam:  $3.99
Floral Clay:  $2.99
Floral Tape:  had in stash, exact cost unknown
Scotch Double-Sided Tape:  had, exact cost unknown
22 gauge Floral Wire:  $1.99
2 rolls Black Crepe Paper:  .89 each

I foolishly forgot to photograph the candy dish before and after, but it was extremely easy and the directions were concise.  Having sprayed the dish, I used 4 pieces of the clay, pressed into the bottom of the dish, to hold the floral foam in place.  

Now make the flowers...
...and poke them into the foam.  You may need to trim the wire to the perfect length.

Keep it up and this is what you'll get.  You can make it as full or sparse, tall or flat, as you'd like.
This small candy dish took approximately 50 flowers to fill.  I think it's beautiful and am so happy. 

Until the next entry, Diary...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Country Living's "Bird's Eye View"

I love this project so much, especially with Halloween on the horizon.

It comes from Country Living Magazine's website.  The project is "Bird's Eye View".  If you're a Pinner, you've probably seen it.
(Print it on your "Best" setting, for a nice dark bird!)

Country Living most generously provides a free download of these cute birds, which you print on and cut out of window decal paper. 

You then follow the manufacturer's directions for sticking them in your windows.

These are so-o-o-o cute and fun.  I love them.  
Since I'm not much into witch and ghost decor during the Halloween season, this is right up my alley.  I'll be making more.

Project costs & supplies:
*Office Depot Window Decals:  $16.99 for a pack of 10 sheets
Ink Jet Printer

*My only note on the project is that this is not "Static" Cling Film.  It has a tacky backing, which isn't really a problem.  It just won't be reusable.  
If anyone knows where to purchase printable static-type cling film.  Please let me know in the comment section!!

FYI: There is a similar project at: 

Until the next entry, Diary...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dutch Treat Designs "Thistle Tabletopper"

This one has been sitting in my stash for quite some time now.  
I purchased this, and several other Tabletopper patterns, at Claudia's wonderful shop located in Livermore, California. 

These patterns make up fairly quickly, though this one was by far the longest project of the bunch.  I think it was due to the corner panels where there is an awful lot of color change going on.

There are several wonderful elements in these designs.  My favorite in this particular pattern was the use of Kreinik Fine Braid #8.

And of course, there is the Nun's Stitch "hem".
(See tutorials here and here)

It is completely explained in the pattern and quite fun to do, though very hard on the hands.  I recommend wearing a bandage or using first aid tape to protect the side of your fingers while pulling on the thread.

My project kit...

Since I bought this pattern, material and threads between 2001-2003, I don't have current cost information.  More details may be found at Dutch Treat Designs.

Until the next project...