Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mercury Glass & Crepe Paper Flowers

This is a combination of two projects I found online.  
Wonderful for Halloween.
Phase one is from:
It was here I learned how to "make" faux mercury glass.  It's a great little tutorial I'll be using again in the future! 

Phase two is from:
Here you'll find instructions on how to make crepe paper flowers.  

Here's the project in a nutshell:
Krylon Looking Glass spray paint:  $8.99
Clear Candy Dish (4" inside diameter) found at Goodwill:  $1.99
Green Floral Foam:  $3.99
Floral Clay:  $2.99
Floral Tape:  had in stash, exact cost unknown
Scotch Double-Sided Tape:  had, exact cost unknown
22 gauge Floral Wire:  $1.99
2 rolls Black Crepe Paper:  .89 each

I foolishly forgot to photograph the candy dish before and after, but it was extremely easy and the directions were concise.  Having sprayed the dish, I used 4 pieces of the clay, pressed into the bottom of the dish, to hold the floral foam in place.  

Now make the flowers...
...and poke them into the foam.  You may need to trim the wire to the perfect length.

Keep it up and this is what you'll get.  You can make it as full or sparse, tall or flat, as you'd like.
This small candy dish took approximately 50 flowers to fill.  I think it's beautiful and am so happy. 

Until the next entry, Diary...

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