Saturday, January 3, 2015

Make Your Own Car Decal

"Tree Silhouettes", by A Little Hut
Design #29191 (purchased on the Silhouette site)

"Century" font...which is the same as appears on the Oregon license plate (I'm pretty sure)

Laptop Computer
Silhouette Cameo
Con-Tact Paper in Clear (used as transfer paper)
Silhouette Premium White Vinyl
Papilio white decal paper
Silhouette Hook
Fiskar 12 inch paper cutter
Pampered Chef Scraper  (for smoothing things out and down!)

It was just a matter of opening the tree graphic in the Silhouette software program, adding the words "Oregon Native" in the "Century" font and wrapping it around the outside.   Have the machine do it's cutting magic.
Weed the non-essentials out with the hook, place a piece of contact paper over the image and smooth.  When ready to place on your car window, clean the window, carefully peel backing off of the decal paper and place on window.  Smooth out all bubbles and gently press down with the scraper.  Remove the con-tact paper by pulling back, almost against itself, making sure all the pieces stick.  Go slow.

I cut mine 5 inches.  I wanted it visible, but not too overpowering.  I also made one for my father-in-law that had a sunflower image on it with the words "Kansas Native" wrapped around.

One note of caution... and this could have completely been my mistake...
Don't use the Silhouette Premium White Vinyl for this.  I purchased the variety that was suppose to be for outdoor use and on the first light snow it bubbled up and off.  Now...I could have done a lousy job smoothing things out during application, but I was under impressed.  For my the Papilio brand, as linked above.  It's tough stuff.  A little harder to work with...but tough.

Until next entry, Diary!

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